In-App Product Illustration

The welcome screen for our Incident Management product needed some visual enhancement, so we created a spot illustration based off of our icons for Monitors and Incidents.

The Monitors and Incidents icons arranged vertically, each centered within their own grid, on a light gray background. The monitors icon is a black circle with negative space that creates an exclamation point. The Incidents icon consists of a small circle surrounded by concentric semicircles.

App icons for Monitors and Incidents

The isometric extrusion of the Monitors and Incidents icons- A 3d version of the two preceeding icons- each centered within their own grid, on a light gray background.

Isometric Extrusion

The 3d versions of the Monitors and Incidents icons, isolated and arranged vertically on a light gray background.

Isolated isometric icons

The 3d version of the Monitoring and Incidents icons converge, with the 3d exclamation point in the middle of the 3d concentric semicircles. Highlights and shadows are also introduced in this step. This will become the Incident Management illustration.

Refined for spacing and introducing a light source with casted shadows.

A split screen image with the Incident Management illustration on a white background on the left and on a dark background on the right. The Incident Managent illustration is in vivid color on both light and dark backgrounds- the exclamation point is white and lilac atop a pink and purple cylindrical shape and surrounded by white, purple, and pink concentric semicircles with dark purple shadows.

Light mode

Dark mode

The Incident Management illustration in the context it was designed for- the Incidents welcome page of the Datadog app. On the left, the mobile welcome screen is shown in light mode and on the right, the mobile screen is shown in dark mode. The two screencaptures are arranged on a lilac background.

Light mode UI

Dark mode UI